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DSLR and Amazon Affiliate

I have decided to go into the DSLR niche, because the profitability is really high. Yes, the competition is also high, but I have a team of people who will be doing SEO for the website. I have decided to go into the DSLR niche for the website, just for the test purpose, because I won’t be scaling this website rather this is just to show you how to create an Amazon affiliate website. So let’s search for a good domain name. “bestdslr…” I’ll go with the “.in” domain extension. Because- since if you’re targeting the Indian audience then go for the “,in” extension it will help you in SEO. If you are targeting the US or the global market then go for the “.com”. But don’t go for “.in” or “.org” etc. Either go for the country specific domain extension or go for the global “.com”. So let’s see that- whether it’s available or not. One recommendation that I can give you is in your domain name, make sure you have your category or the niche of your website or the keyword. So my category or the niche of my website is DSLR, so I’ve added the word “DSLR” on the domain name. Because this will really help in the SEO or the search engine optimization of your website later. So if your website is about guitars, make sure you have “guitar” in the domain name. Like “” or something like that. So now, I’ll fill in all these information and buy this hosting plan. One thing that you have to keep in mind that you- there’s an option in SiteGround the “SG Site Scanner”, you don’t need it. And apart from that, for the data center, take the data center that is closer to your target audience. So our audience will be in India, and Singapore is the closest data center.

configure the domain name

This is where all your files are hosted. But if you’re targeting the US audience then go for the Chicago data center because it will be closer to your US audience. Similarly if you are going for Europe or anything else, then you can select the appropriate data center. Since we’ll be targeting India, I’ll be going for Singapore. So what I’ll do is I’ll fill-in all these information and purchase this hosting, and then I’ll restart this video. So I purchased the domain name, “” So now let’s configure the domain name, configure the website, install WordPress and set it up like a pro. And I’ll also show you how to claim this paid theme for free and also this paid plugin for free. So in the email that you used to purchase this hosting, you must have received an email from SiteGround, so open that email. So as you can see I have received an email from SiteGround here,And just write down, “affiliate hosting receipt”… or rather also add the word “Amazon”. Affiliate hosting receipt- and send it to me. Once we see this hosting receipt and we see that the sales has been generated from our affiliate link, I will give you the paid theme and the paid plugin and I’ll also show you how to install both of these on your theme. Go to your SiteGround account, open it. And now, there are three options. “Start a new website” “transfer a website” “don’t need help now”. So start a new website, we don’t have to.

GrowBig plan on SiteGround

Transfer a website if you’re using- if you already have a website on a different host like GoDaddy Host, HostGater or BlueHost. I highly recommend you guys to transfer to SiteGround because this will drastically improve the free traffic of your website, that is the SEO of your website, and will drive much more traffic. I don’t need any help right now because I will be showing you everything, how to setup manually. And you don’t need this SG site scanner it’s not worth it, so confirm, and I confirm… and complete setup. So this is the backend of your SiteGround hosting so this is how it looks, there’s many options here you can increase more- you can upgrade the hosting, here’s the billing, here you can access the support tab if you have any queries and few perks as well. So the first thing is you have to go to “My Account” section. So here’s the entire detail about your hosting account and domain name. So I have my domain name “” here, and these are the other details regarding my hosting. Like my IP address, my DNS, etc. So all you have to do is click here “Go to cPanel”, and “yes, proceed”. Now these are the details of your entire hosting account. Like the domains you have added, the files- you can access the files here. You can access any customization that you need to do on your website on your hosting, you have to do it from this cPanel account. So the first step is- as you can see that you have purchased the GrowBig plan on SiteGround and this is the main server of your SiteGround and the date and other information.

 So way to install WordPress

Now as you can see that SiteGround hosting has this lock here. It means that the website is hosted on a “https” server. Now you must have seen that Google has come up with various other announcements that they are preferring https websites compared to http. So if you want more SEO traffic, more organic traffic to your website you need to install a “https”. Now other hosting provider sell it for another monthly charge, but in SiteGround, it comes for free. So all you have to do is “Ctrl + F” (find), search for “let”… let’s find where’s Let’s Encrypt. Okay, here it is. So… click here on Let’s Encrypt. Here you can see the domain name, “Let’s Encrypt SSL” So you have to install it. So select the domain name, it is already selected, then click on “install”. It is added in the installation cue and within few minutes it will be installed automatically. So let’s go back to the cPanel and now it’s time to install the WordPress on your domain name. So way to install WordPress is, click here on WordPress. Click on install… you don’t have to- keep it on 5.1.1 itself and the protocol you would want “https://www.” Because you just installed the https protocol on your website. This is the domain name, directory you’ll keep it empty. For the site name I’ll just use the domain name as of now “Best DSLR”. For the site description, we can add something like, “Best camera reviews on the internet”. Enable multisite, no… admin- this is the admin username and password, you can keep it anything. So I’ll keep it like “test” here. And for the password, I’ll keep it “test 123” Obviously you should have a different username. And make the password extremely strong because WordPress is prone to getting hacked. So make sure your password is really strong as well.

WordPress backend

I have just used it for test purpose. And for the admin email, add your main email. Which will be used… so any communication or any contact form submission from your website will be redirected to this particular address. So I’ll be adding my email address- same that I used to purchase this hosting. Select language, English… limit login attempts (loginizer), yes you would want this plugin. And part from that, these are the options that you have to do. And click on, install. Oh, the password must be- see they reminded me. So let’s add… test_0709 maybe. Okay, it’s good under 50, it’s good with 50 now. So test_0709, let’s install it now. So now the WordPress is getting installed. So guys, WordPress is installed now, let’s open the website and see if everything is fine or not. Yes, the website is opening correctly. And also you can see that we have this lock that means that the https is perfectly installed. So that’s one good benefit of buying the SiteGround hosting that you get it- that you can get the https certificate for free. And to install the backend of your website that is the WordPress backend, the WordPress dashboard, all you have to do is add this word “wp-admin” in the domain name of your website. So I’ll just click here and this is the backend. So, this is the backend of your website, this is where you will be customizing your entire theme, adding plugins, changing the structure of your website, changing the look of your website, installing the recommended plugins, themes etc. and everything else. We will be going through all of that in the latter part of this video. Now here you clicked on this particular URL and you were automatically logged into your WordPress dashboard, but usually the username and the password that we created to install the WordPress, you have to enter it.

particular dashboard

 In order to access this particular dashboard. So I’ll just give you an overview of the dashboard, how it works if you’re new to this. So click here, “don’t show this again”. Also there are few things that you need to do, okay, so I’ll just give you a general overview. This is the homepage of your dashboard, so this will- you can customize it if you want as well. So this is the post section, this is where you will be adding the articles for your website. So “All Posts” are all the published posts and the draft posts as well. “Add New” is whenever you’ll be adding a new article. So you can click here, and you can add a title, you can add a description and everything else for your article. Like this will be title, this is the description and the text size, color setting, advance categories, etc. Similarly, you have the categories. You can also segment the categories, like if- you have- my website is about DSLR, then I can create multiple categories like camera, lenses, camera accessories, etc. And whenever I am writing an article I can assign a particular category to that article. So that the segmentation is proper on the website. Similarly you can add particular tags as well. Whatever videos you’re uploading, whatever images you are uploading it will be in the media section here. In the pages section you will be creating pages like “About Us” or “Contact Me” etc… the “Terms & Conditions” the disclaimer, etc.

You can create moderators

These are the pages that we will be creating. Comment section is where all the comment sections will show. If anyone comments, you can moderate them as well. You can approve them, you can delete them, so all the comments will be showed here. Plugins section, we will be going through that in a few seconds. I’m just showing you all the recommended plugins that you have to install. Users is all the users that you want to create if you want to give access of your WordPress dashboard to multiple people. You can create moderators, you can create editors, you can create administrators, so all of that… Similarly tools is for- if you already have some files you want to import or if you want to export the configuration of your dashboard you can export it as well. You won’t be using this particular option very often. Setting part will definitely will be- let’s start on the setting part here. So there are few things that you need to do on the setting part. First of all add a proper tagline, your tagline should have your primary keyword. So let’s say your website is about DSLR camera review then you must enter “best camera review on the internet”. My main keyword “best camera review” or “best dslr” is already on the site tagline, this helps in the SEO part.

now let’s install the theme

This is automatically filled, you don’t have to worry much about it. So I’ll just save it. Then go into the writing section. Default post category and categorized- just keep it the way it is. You don’t have to change anything in that. Just change it to category here and never check this option, it should always be unchecked otherwise your website won’t be getting index. So just change from full text to summary. Click save changes. Go to the discussion tab, you don’t have to change anything here. In the permalinks section you have to make sure that the post name is selected. This is extremely important for correct SEO of your website. So make sure you change it to post name and save changes. So now that you have saved your settings… now let’s install the theme that I was recommending you earlier. So now that you have saved your setting now let’s install a beautiful theme on your website which is lightweight.

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How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE in 2019 with WordPress

Do you want to make $1,000 per month from your affiliate website? Then watch this video until the end. After making $30,000 per month from all my affiliate websites combined, I know how to create and scale an affiliate website that actually makes money. I will also show you how to get a paid affiliate theme and a caching plugin which combined costs $100 for free, so make sure you watch the video until the end. This is lesson 3 of our free affiliate marketing mastery course playlist. So if you are new to this video, click on the “I” button here, to access all the lessons. You should also follow me on Instagram, my username is

 $30,000 per month

. I take live sessions almost every alternate day where I answer all your questions, so make sure you follow me. Starting an affiliate website, was the best decision of my life. Today, after many years of hardwork, I have been able to achieve the mark of $30,000 per month, from my affiliate sites. This is all possible because I took the most important decision of starting a website and later, monetizing it. It took me many years to learn what works and what doesn’t. But lucky for you, I have shared all my working tips and tricks in this affiliate marketing mastery course on YouTube. So that you don’t have to waste any money or time, so that you can directly apply what is working. Whenever you are building a site, the first step is to register a domain name. So what is a domain name? A domain name is an internet address. An address where internet users can access your website. Like the case of Facebook, “” is the domain name for the company Facebook. And similarly, “” is the domain name for the company, Google. I know it’s very simple, but still I am explaining for all the people who don’t know it.

There can be multiple extensions of your domain name, but the popular one is “.com”. Like “google.COM… facebook.COM… or instagram.COM”. Now “.com” domain extension is more suited for global audience. But when you’re targeting a specific country, like the case of India. If you’re targeting the Indian audience, then instead of going for the “.com” domain extension, you will go for “.in”. Like in my case, my website address is:

Indian audience

Because I’m targeting the Indian audience. So instead of going for a “.com” domain extension, I went for the “.in” domain extension. Similarly, let’s say if you’re targeting Brazil. Then your domain extension will be “.br”. So in my case it will be ”. Now after a domain name, to start a website, you need a hosting. So what is a web hosting? A web hosting is a service, where organizations or individuals can post a website or a webpage on the internet. So just like you have Almira (Indian storage company) to store all your stuff, your website also needs some space to store all the files and the folders.


A website is nothing but a directory of files and folders that are rendered through a server of a particular domain name. So whenever you are thinking of starting a blog, you need 2 things, first is the domain name, and second is the website hosting. So whenever you are buying a website hosting, you’re actually buying a space on a server. So now there are various companies that sell website hosting. Like SiteGround, BlueHost, GoDaddy and HostGator. So whenever you are a buying a website hosting, you are actually buying a server space of these companies. So these companies have massive servers. So you’re actually paying a monthly fee, for access to some space on these servers. So whenever we are talking about a shared webhosting, you’re actually taking some server space of the server.


Because taking the entire server will be really expensive, so shared hosting is the solution for all the people who want to start their site at a very cheap price. Now let’s talk about the free hosting. Free is always preferred by people. And they also think why pay for a hosting, when they can get it for free, right? But you have to understand one thing, there’s nothing free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist. But they have their limitations.

Popular under 15,000 phones

Issue Mobile Hey, I'm going to have the best phone calls why? Aaj is a savvy person and I am afraid April 2019 to popular under 15,000 phones I have reviewed and I Features have been made by hay.jj 2019 are available for budget smartphones hi achcha saal hai, iss saal budget phones nikalne vali popular companies xiaomi aur Oppo's new phone to launch Hello Samsung launches the M series hai Ranking is the right place for phones We have a test, Hamari ranking The phone's features include a look, build We also offer quality and price based products. Yani zyada features vali sapt phones hamari list me zyada upar rahenge I want to tell you everything There is a phone that has the features of the price tag. to the end of the video If you have any phone call from your phone junk to send you unboxing and review videos I want to finish my screen par bhi mil jaenge Chalie sabse best phone ranking ranking karte hai NUMBER

 Samsung Galaxy M20 

5: Samsung Galaxy M20 Number 5 is Samsung Galaxy M20, which Samsung ki nai sharma ki hasa hai Samsung has a special range of 15,000 The budget for the smartphone market is zero. Phone your 5000 mAh battery milti Sath hi phone Fast Charging also supports yes, we have to send a message to samsung ne usb-c fast charger adapter box have it Hummus adapter included in the bot pasand au kyunki aam tarsi companies fast To support the charging support, please contact me. The fast charger market hai Samsung highlights from high quality screens We know this, and the budget I do not even have a screen, I do not know anything hai Issue phone me 6.3 " 1080x2340, you can add 409 ppi pixel density milti The color of the colors on the screen is very different, I am shocked to see the brightness M20 has a dedicated SD card slot, If you want to remove your location Use the storage device to make your dual It is possible to use the same language as well. You feature 32Gb variant of specially I am sorry This phone is the Exynos 7904 chipset for this. hey, Samsung ka developed processor hai Issuer 6 ko 1.6Ghz pe clocked hai aur sirf 2 hi cores 1.8Ghz par clocked hai Issues range from the current range of phones to the Issue What is the weakness of this phone to a negative point out The phone's front page is displayed I do not even want to go Nahi hai, magar M20 ki backside par dekhe To get started, there is no need to change The basic materials are simple and basic what color are you in Do you want to run Android pie ko launch hue ab ko saal ho chuka hai aur We're still waiting for the Android Android Q nikal rahi hai, uske baad bhi samsung m20 The first and second version of the android key It is a great achievement, we will release you soon. The phone is connected to Android Pie . Samsung has announced that Android Pie version september tak release karenge Send me a message on Android Pie ko koshish karni chahie thi Samsung M20 for 3gb / 32gb variant of price 10,990 hai and 4gb / 64gb variant price 12,990 Hume ye price you have lost Similar specs are available for phones mil sakte hai NUMBER 4: Realme U1 I want to know your phone number 4 jo ki hai realme u1 Realme no release phone "selfie pro" name It has been advertised that 25MP front This is the name of the camera in which the camera is located. This camera has a high quality and high quality The daylight photos are here, and you are welcome There are also different types of photos for the photos. they provide Magar low light me struggled, low light me photos thodi I have a blurry look and a camera look too do not pick up Sleep in video recording It does not matter, and the video stabalization it's too weak Phone your phone number to view I'm sorry, I do not know It's a great phone and it's not worth mentioning no rehta The phone's backside is reflective and

The phone has a unique look. is the face unlocked as soon as possible, phone The key is to unlock it. Realme U1 has color OS 5.2 s android Oreo based, Color OS new version Color is going to release OS 6. The U1 has not yet been available to us. Color OS is based on Android Pie and its There are many features of this feature. Hume umeed is the real name of this phone Update to ColorOS 6 update Realme U1 originally zyada price me release hua tha magar recently realme ne uska price I'm sorry to see you I got married Issue phone 3gb / 32gb variant of price 9.999 / - Currently the realme no 3gb / 64gb of the variant Please bring it to 10999 / -, or 4gb / 64bg of variant is also available Price is 11,999 NUMBER

Redmi Note 7

3: Redmi Note 7 Redmi Note 7 for Number 3 You have a phone call The design has a red light and aura the name of the design is The phone is back in color mode. Joe Kee reflective and Gorilla Glass have been invited Show this unique look to I have a great phone call with a lot of drops Some of the scratches are also spoken here. Redmi did not know me Please join us on this topic. Change to all devices by type-c use It is a type of type-c inclusion If you want to compatibility with devices, Kai badi companies usb type-c include karne The headphone jack is missing from We have a look at Redmi Note 7th to the headphone jacket Xiaomi has said that low light mode software update the message no date You do not have to press the issue lighting conditions That's it, I'm sorry, Xiaomi Add this item to the address bar. Redmi note 7 me dedicated SD card slot

That is, if you have an SD card on your phone If you want to save your phone to a storage Let's talk with you Phone me MIUI 10 and go to android Pie is based on MIUI is a free OS and is very useful There are many features Magar Xiaomi will also be working on my apps and ads. I have found out that the mobile experience Find out, disable ads Please process your application. lie around I am sorry to say that some of my apps are also bugs. I'm looking forward to the camera I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. I got free phone calls your photos and videos I'm sorry, I have to say that Xiaomi Recent updates to apps have been updated. Please come directly from the default camera app This is a great experience for you. Redmi Note 7 ke 3gb / 32gb variant 9,999 / - and 4gb / 64gb variant 11,999 NUMBER 2:

Realme 3

Realme 3 This is my first phone number on the list. Realme 3 Here's a whole new version of the phone, Realme no U1 has success in the game launching a cheap phone Look at the phone number of Hume Back to the gradient design is done Get a look at the phone's stylish look. Realme 3 4230 mAh to battery Yes,

ColorOS Pure

I have to use you too heavily degi I got a phone call from the support staff. hai Phone me 13MP is the main camera and I hi 2mp secondary camera is the depth sensing I have been using the phone, I have photos I did not want to hurt myself milti Phone 13 of the front camera Aapki selfies too high quality me aaengi Magar phone has a camera app You do not have any features available. Yes, play store is high quality camera Apps are available for downloading de. Realme 3's Finger Print scanner iss range the phones are the best Finger touch the phone with the delay sath for unlock and light dust or water easily hover it easily scan what is it Sath hi realme 3 ka face unlock too high the quality is up to date Lighting conditions are easily unlocked, I did not recognize any problems dohne ko nahi mili. Phone me latest ColorOS 6.0 The Android Pie is here ColorOS Pure to Android I do not know how many laga Hum ColorOS's future versions me Kuch Aur unique features Realm 3 different versions are available. Isme se 3gb / 32gb vala variant 8,999 / - me mil jaega and 4gb / 64gb variant 10,999 / - I have available It has some special features and good specs.

Even when you have the latest phone price pricing The bohot is affordable, but it does not matter. The second list is for me aaya hai NUMBER 1: Redmi Note 7 Pro Chalie Dosto was the only person to help you, We have waited for 2019 See the best phone call There are different types of features for this phone. hi hi sath hai hi uska dhojan hui bohot pasand aaya Dosoto is the number 1 best smartphone Redmi Note 7 Pro Redmi Note 7 Pro for Xiaomi Ki Note series That's the most impressive smartphone ever. The phone is back from the Gorilla Glass I have a great stylish design, jisko I have a special procedure to do,

13MP front camera

I design phone neptune blue and nebula red I'm particularly interested in colors, There were also two different versions of the magazine. dikhta hai Hume Redmi Note 7 Pro Now take the high quality camera camera hai Phone's main camera is 48MP, and secondary camera 5 MP ka 48 MP camera has a high quality images deta hai, yani aap jishi cheez ki photo Please read more about this topic. how are you S of the phone with 13MP front camera too hai Phone camera application has all the modes That's what I'm specially proud of. achcha hai Note 7 Pro me 4000 mAh is the battery fast charging fast charging adapter was not included, yani For the fast charging order, you have to alag se compatible adapter khareedna padega Phone me MIUI 10 times what is Android The latest version is based on Magar Redmi Note 7 Even MIUI's ads have problems with you it is possible to What is the phone that you have lost? Use 48MP camera as your key have been 48MP mode by default is turned on. and you have to do it on your own. We also thank you for the status of 48MP photos.

I have a dream The photo you want to share with 48MP no milega We request you to call Do not forget to install the camera in the camera. I want to get 48 megabytes of camera camera faeda utha sakte Redmi Note 7 Pro to 4gb / 64gb variant The price is 13,999 and its 6gb / 128gb variant keemat 16,999 You can search the list for this list. If you have any questions about the phone It is a fact that the price is justified how are you Due to phones that are not compatible with Note 7 Pro AUR storage size options that's what we look like and 48 MP camera

 48 MP camera 

There is a whole budget call dete hai Best Phone Under 15,000 Dosto ye the hamare top 5 budget phones, jaisa If you want to delete your phone, please email me. I am a person, I want to marry you You can see all reviews by jinke Links to your site's discription I am dal die It has been sold in the market I have been asked to change the variety of things If you want to disable your phone call lene ke lie Your comment has been canceled The most popular phones Please list some of your lists. apk pass any questions or suggestions how are you going? Click on the end cards to return to you. Let's play with the playlist. The list of reviews for phones has been found. Sath hamare testing videos are also available. Phones and technology from Judi Chezon You have to subscribe to this book and your bell Click on the icon to click on it. Bye for now for watching

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Since we are primarily focusing on SEO

 Since we are primarily focusing on SEO

For both the things you need the correct payee name. So make sure you add it correctly. After the payee name you have to add the address. And everything else, the postal code, and then your phone number. And who’s the main contact for this account? Make sure this one is selected. And for the US tax purpose, are you a US person, select “no” because we live in India. So fill all these information and click on next. So here’s the section where you have to add the website on which you will be promoting the Amazon affiliate links. So if you’re following our Amazon affiliate marketing course, then you know that we have created a website called “”. So, I will be adding that domain, here. So click on “add”. Click on the “next” Now this section talks about a tracker or an ID that you will be creating, that will be associated with your account. So you can add anything here, so I’ll just add “bestdslr” here.

What type of Amazon items 

 It is not mandatory that you get the same ID, because it depends on the availability of this ID. So here you have to add the information about… what your website is about and all. So I’ll just mention a few things here. After this you have to select which of the following topics best describe your website or mobile app. So click one of the topics, which… exactly- select any of the category which is centered on your website domain. So for me it’s gonna be technology, and the second topic is photography. “What type of Amazon items do you intend to list on your websites or mobile apps?” You can select all of them or few of them depending on what you are actively promoting. I’ll be selecting all of them. “What type are your websites or mobile apps?” So select what exactly your website is about. So it’s a content or niche website. So I’ll be selecting that and the secondary type, I’ll select more likely a “blog”. So how do you drive traffic to your website? So this section talks about how you will be driving traffic to your website. Since we are primarily focusing on SEO and somewhat on social media so we’ll be these.

So you can mention this

How do you utilize your websites to generate income?” So select your primary income source. So you can select that Amazon associate is the only monetization you’ll be using. And for the secondary, you might be going for the display advertisements. Here they are talking about backlinks, how you’ll be building backlinks for your website. So here you can select “blog editor” because you’ll be using WordPress. How many visitors does your websites and apps get per month? Although your website is new and you only have a few articles on your website and also you have not started doing the SEO, so you might be receiving less than 500. So you can mention this, “less than 500”. What is your primary reason for joining the Amazon associate program? So here you can mention, “to monetize my website”. And how did you hear about us? You can mention anything. Like a blog post or anything else. Here you just have to fill the captcha, like “nf7mnn”. Click on you agree to the terms, and click on “finish”. Once you are done, there will be one option of entering your payment and tax information.

Total items shipped

You can also do it later as well, as of now I’ll click on “later”. And this is the Amazon Associate ID that has been given to me, “bestdslr-21”. So whenever someone purchases through my link and if this idea is present in the link, I will be getting the commission of that purchase. So I’ll click on later. So this is how the backend of your Amazon Associate will look. And Amazon also gives you a quick guide on how to select the country, how to access the account settings and everything else. So I’ll just show it to you quickly. So this is the snapshot of your account. How you’ll be making money, how much money you’ll be making. Total items shipped, total earnings, the total ordered items, total clicks, etc. There are some quick recommendations of the products that you can promote.



I’m making more than $200/month from my Amazon associate account on autopilot. I don’t have a YouTube channel, rather a website where my articles are ranking number 1 on Google search results and generating an income, even if I don’t work for months. In today’s video, I will be telling you about how to become an affiliate to Amazon, how to create an account, how to get approved, how to generate links, how to not get banned from Amazon associate account, and in the end, I’ll be taking common questions related to Amazon associate account. This video is lesson 6 of our free Amazon affiliate marketing mastery course, where I teach you how to scale a website from $0 - $1,000/month. If you want to watch all the lessons, click on the “I” button here. You should also follow me on Instagram, my username is “DMANKUR”, I take live sessions almost every alternate day where I answer all your questions, so make sure you follow me.

Make sure you watch this video until the end, because I’ll be sharing with you everything related to Amazon associate account. So without wasting any time, let’s go into my laptop screen and get started. Hey guys, I hope that you’ve already done your niche research, you have selected the right keywords by watching our keyword research video, you’ve also purchased a hosting and also claimed your bonus offers of free paid theme and free paid plugin. And I hope you have written those 5 – 10 articles by watching our SEO-friendly article video of our affiliate marketing playlist. Because if you’re applying to become an affiliate of Amazon, through Amazon associate, your application will not be approved if you don’t have content on your website. So make sure you watch the rest of the lessons in our Amazon marketing playlist, implement the same and then watch this video again to apply for the Amazon associate account. So the first step is to search for the “amazon associate” here. And click here on the associate, this is the place where you can sign up to become an affiliate of So the process of becoming an affiliate is fairly simple.

All you have to do is click here on “join now for free”. So if you already have an Amazon account you can login to your account and then apply, or you can create a new account by clicking here. So I’m creating a new account for this. So all you have to do is fill-in your details here and click on “create your Amazon account”. So to your email address there’ll be an OTP sent, just enter the OTP here to verify your account. After this the process of creating your associate will start. So the first thing is to add your pay name here. In the pay name you have to add the same that is on your bank account. Because there are 2 ways of withdrawal of money from Amazon Associate account. The first is cheque and the second is NEFT.

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When we came together as a family,

When we came together as a family,

When we came together as a family, we saw this happening. Through the ups and downs, many people were like, they're too young, they can't do this. But I think our locker room stayed together, and we definitely kept our mind on the goal at stake was to get here to March Madness, and not only to get here but to win some games. Q. I know you guys said it's just another game. Has there been any talk at all? You're going to face Coach Krzyzewski tomorrow and face Duke? Jim NANTS is calling the game. ** has there been any talk at all about the bright lights and the focus? VINNIE SHAHID: We're aware. We're human. Anybody that doesn't talk about it or say we don't think about it, they're lying to you because we do think about it. ** at the end of the day, like Tyson said earlier, when the ball goes up and tips, it's something we've been doing our whole lives, 40 minutes goes on the clock, and it's the basketball game. . Q. Tyson, just take us through the experience so far of going through the Selection Sunday, traveling to Dayton, now here in Columbia. What's the experience been like for you here so far? TYSON WARD: It's every college basketball player's dream. You know you put in a lot of work from when you're a young kid. You fill out your brackets, and you're like, man, I really want to be on a team to play in the NCAA Tournament and win some games. It's a dream come true. It's just been surreal. Sharing this moment with these guys and just being able to live in the moment, it's just been great and a great opportunity, and I've been blessed -- we've been blessed to share this journey. . Q. Tyson, can you speak a little bit to the job that Coach richman has done this year. Again, these guys have touched on the expectations maybe weren't high to start the season, but you're playing your best ball now.

What has Coach richman done to get you to this point

What has Coach richman done to get you to this point? TYSON WARD: Been doing the same thing, just getting us better in every practice. Making sure we're making our way with Coach Miller and just doing the little things ** because that's what really keeps us, to think about the little things, the things that have gotten us here, just constantly hammering on us like, hey, defense, defense, defense. Just little things. That's really all I can say is just hammering the little things. Q. Jared, what's this team's mentality been like shooting from beyond the arc? Just the ability to hit three-pointers and being able to get to the rim and space the floor? How has that been an attribute the last couple games? JARED SAMUELSON: Shot selection is big for us on offense. We're confident shooters. We've been working in the gym and stuff like that. We have confidence in ourselves, and that's how you become a good shooter. We've been doing a good job of sharing the ball, setting each other up, and just got to rise up and knock it down. . Q. Deng, your season, international experience, can you sum it up a little bit in the last several months? DENG GEU: This summer I got the opportunity to compete for the Uganda national team in the FIBA World Cup qualifiers.

It was a great experience, just going out there, meeting new people

It was a great experience, just going out there, meeting new people, and getting a taste of professional basketball. I think it really helped me this season with confidence and just slowing down the game. . Q. Did you face anybody the caliber of what you might be seeing tomorrow in the tournament? DENG GEU: Yeah, there was a couple of NBA guys on the Nigeria team, but obviously, Duke has some really good talent. So I think so. THE MODERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen. North Dakota State head coach David richman. Opening statement, and then we'll open the floor for questions. DAVID RICHMAN: A few more people here than Dayton the other day. Obviously, we're extremely excited to be here, unbelievable opportunity and unbelievable challenge for us tomorrow night. We stressed to the guys along the way, going back to the Thursday before we left for the summer league tournament, that make sure you embrace this journey. 

We have our student-athlete

 We have our student-athlete

We have our student-athletes Geu, Jared Samuelson, and Vinny SHA hid. Q. Is this the dream or the nightmare scenario for you?  It's another basketball game. Tyson ward, Deng Geu, Jared Samuelson, and Vinny SHA hid. Q. Is this the dream or the nightmare scenario for you? MARCUS EVANS: It's another basketball game. For 40 minutes, we're going to compete and plan on winning. JARED SAMUELSON: We're really excited for this opportunity, obviously, to go out and compete and play another game. : Every opportunity to play March Madness is still part of the dream. Just come like another basketball game. Just come ready to compete. TYSON WARD: What they said. . Q. Guys, you're 5-0 in March. What is it about this month where you seemingly figured it out and are playing such good basketball? TYSON WARD: Every game is a big game, no matter who you're playing against. 40 minutes are up on the clock, and you know you don't want to go home. You put that in your mind and put it in the game plan and you don't want to go home. You just set your drawing and get ready for a good game.

I think it's a win or go home factor

DENG GEU: I think it's a win or go home factor. It brings out everyone's competitiveness and you play to the best of your ability. JARED SAMUELSON: We're just playing our best basketball, which is hopefully what you want in March. So hopefully, we can keep that up. MARCUS EVANS: I think we're doing a good job of hammering the details and staying in the moment. March is a fun time of year playing in the month of March. . Q. Tyson, growing up in the southeast, did you watch Duke a lot I think we're doing a good job of hammering the details and staying in the moment. March is a fun time of year playing in the month of March. Q. Tyson, growing up in the southeast, did you watch Duke a lot growing up and one of those kids who always wanted to be a Blue Devil? TYSON WARD: They're always on TV, always a good game to watch. Always have a great competition, great team. Wherever I could go, whoever gave me the opportunity to play was going to be the place I'd be, and North Dakota State was the place to be. Q.

So how do you put that aside 

So how do you put that aside and just try to treat them like another team then? TYSON WARD: Just exactly like you said, just treat them as another team. It's 40 minutes on the clock. It's 0-0, ball's tipped, and you just play basketball, do something that you've been doing for your whole life. . Q. Tyson, can you speak to Sam Greece El's growth this year? True freshman coming in and has improved seemlessly throughout the season. TYSON WARD: He's been big time. You can tell he's been in the gym a lot this year. A couple of guys have taken him into the gym personally and just hammered some things with him. He's willing to listen and get better and do everything it takes to help this team out. It's a true testament to what he's been doing on and off the court. You can see that it's been reflecting into this late March, and he's been playing real well. Q. Vinny, can you just take us through your travel the last couple of days? Normal, or has it been a little bit hectic? VINNIE SHAHID: It's travel. There were some late nights. Definitely not an excuse for tomorrow when the ball tips up. It's definitely a little different for us, but there's definitely no excuse there. Q. Did you get here today or last night?

Last night. Q. Deng, how do you try to match up with Williamson, just the sheer size? DENG GEU: I think just come out and compete. Don't know what's going to happen, but you just come out and play as hard as you can at the end and see what happens. . Q. This question's for Vinny. Vinny, a lot has been made that not a lot was expected going into this season. What was your guys' expectation as a team meeting in fall ball? Was it to be here in March Madness? VINNIE SHAHID: Definitely. I think we saw this plan at the beginning of June.